We  are a husband and wife team located in Worthington, Ohio.  The team is made up of Greg Stange and Juliette Montague.  We combined our last names to make up our company name.

We spend a lot of time collecting items for our artwork.  We like to use items that are no longer useful for their intended purpose. Many items that we use are headed for the landfill and we just can’t cotton to that!  We re-purpose these items as works of art or as usable goods such as the Pursenalities and Totabilities.

We work both individually and collectively on StangMont Designs. It just depends on what it is and if the other team member is willing to take advice from the the other one.  You know how it is when you work with a partner....

We also create our own individual works of art.

We painstakingly make everything with our own two (or four) hands in our workshop.

We would be happy to do a special order for you!